The Apostolic Church of Lafayette

Pastor's Desk

Welcome to The Apostolic Church of Lafayette. I would like to take a little time and tell you where I came from and how I came to be the pastor of this church but before I start, I think it necessary that you know that I am not the first pastor of this church nor am I the founder. My pastor, Bro. John H Broussard was both founder and pastor of this assembly for almost 30 years. In those 30 years, not only did he start this church but also a handful of daughter works. These churches are all located in Cajun Country in South Louisiana. Each of the pastors had their beginnings in ministry here in Lafayette. They were Sunday School teachers, ushers, crew leads, bus drivers and, most importantly, they were soul winners and Home Bible Study teachers.  Many of their congregations were being brought to church here in Lafayette on buses and vans from their respective cities. Now they are completely independent, growing, holy, spiritual and preaching and in love with the Truth! They all have active outreach programs.

When i first came to church I was in college and attending the Assembly of God Church in town. After being witnessed to by a couple of dear, faithful saints from the New Iberia church I knew I had to make a move. When i first came to this church, I did not understand much but I knew that i felt something and heard preaching that fed my soul. It was what i was hungry for. The Word of God touched my heart in such a way that i was drawn to come back for more. i grew up Catholic until i was around 14 years old and then i started attending the First Assembly of God church in New Iberia with my mom, at which time I was going to both churches because my father would not let me quit going to the Catholic Church with him. While going to both churches and hearing an untold number of sermons, there was still something missing. First, I did not understand who God was. I believed in the trinity and tried to study the scriptures and understand it but i could never grasp it. In my searching i found out that no one else really understood it either and would always dismiss my inquiries by telling me that it is a mystery and we will find out when we get to heaven. This did not satisfy my desire to know Him and find the Truth. Second, I was growing ever more frustrated with the hyped up, light preaching that did not challenge me nor did it clean me. When I came to the Apostolic Church and heard my pastor preach for the first time I was beside myself with excitement. After each service, as I was driving home, i could not wait to come back the next time to hear more. 

In my search for Truth I can see the Hand of God directing and orchestrating events that brought me to the place I am in now! It was around 7 years after being in church that my pastor recognized Gods calling in my life and gave me a ministers license in 1995. When Bro. Broussard was in the last months of his life he announced to his closest ministry and myself that I would be the next pastor if anything ever happened to him. On Oct 28, 1999 he left this earth to be with the Lord and on January 5,2000 I was installed as the new pastor. A few months later, I sold my electrical business and went into ministry full time. I have gone through a lot of purging and growth since that day and it is my testimony that God is faithful! Now, I live daily with a hunger for the Word of God and prayer. It is my desire to see others experience the same thing that i did. There is no greater joy in my life than to hear a new convert say that they found what they were looking for. As i am privileged to be the pastor of this assembly, my goal is to please Him and care for His Sheep. If one soul is worth more than the whole world, then i want to invest my time and energies in the salvation of souls, one at a time!

Perhaps you are searching for more, and you are wondering if this is it. I can promise you this: we will do our best to help you in your quest for Truth. Our church  loves souls! It is our greatest joy to see someone like you find God at the altar in repentance, to be baptized in the Name of Jesus for the remission of sins and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. On this web page you will find a simple outline of a Bible Study that will help you see a few basic important doctrinal truths of the New Testament salvation. We also offer Home Bible Studies if you are interested. God Bless you as you seek Him.  We love you and are looking forward to meeting you soon.  


Pastor Schwing